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Top Steps of Sandstone Treatment Services

Some of the top characteristics of sandstone are that it is very absorbent, soft, absorbs lots of water and can cause discoloration. Because of these characteristics, it is recommended that you should avail sandstone treatment services at regular intervals and ensure that you persist using it for a long time without any issues. With these services, there comes a guarantee that very dirty, mouldy or very stained will work well. 

Sandstone Treatment Services

Top inclusions of sandstone treatment services

Regular Cleaning

  • The first part of these services includes regular cleaning of dirty parts of the stone and this could be done easily, primarily by vacuuming the area.
  • This will help you remove any dust and dirt present on the surface.
  • The next step involves taking a damp cloth or mop of a good quality microfiber and avoid using any chemicals.
  • However, if it is honed or textured, you can use a string mop that would surely make the work easy for you and generate better results.
  • To remove harder stains and marks, you might have to apply pressure while cleaning.
  • If some spots of previous spills are there, you can use a neutral pH chemical to clean the area.
  • This has to be followed by a thorough washing of the area that has been cleaned.
  • It is recommended that this stone should never be left dry on its own.
  • You can use a dry mop or a towel to help that surface get rid of excess water.

  • This is necessary when it is excessively dirty, but it should be avoided totally, if the surface has not been sealed yet.
  • Unsealed sandstone will absorb too much of water in the process of cleaning and this would harmful for its life.

Other Steps Include –

  • Vacuuming the surface to get rid of any loose dust and dirt.
  • Scrubbing small areas with a stone cleaner solution, specially formulated for sandstone cleaning.
  • A dehumidifier will also work very well to dry this stone.

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